CEPESIU, Centre of Promoting Employment and Local Economic Development is a private non-profit organization, dedicated since 1983, to the promotion and development of small urban and rural micro enterprises as well as local economic development in Ecuador. It operates with five offices in some provinces: Pichincha-Quito; Guayas-Guayaquil; Chimborazo-Riobamba; Esmeraldas-Esmeraldas; Napo- Archidona and its action extends to ten provinces.

  This website presents the path taken by the institution, its history, values that shelter us, CEPESIU´s projects in different provinces of the country, impact of its work, accomplishments, dreams and hopes that a human and professional team makes true –with a really great commitment of life and local understanding of reality- in order to contribute to the "good living" of small-scale farmers and their families.
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