Strategic Planning Workshop SOS FAIM 2017-2021

CEPESIU executive director, Cecilia Padilla, participated in Lima-Peru in the Strategic Workshop SOS FAIM prospects 2017-2021,  meeting that allowed analyze the guidelines and projections of the Belgian NGO in  this continent. She participated as a member of the General Assembly of Members.

SOS FAIM results consultancy in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia

Cecilia Padilla, CEPESIU executive director, participated on march 3,  in Lima-Peru in the working meeting to release the results of the Evaluation of the SOS FAIM projects  carried out in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Oscar Bazoberry, bolivian sociologist, was in charge of  this consultancy that delivers encouraging results and proposals  on CEPESIU  territorial interventions .

Planning workshop in Peru

Cecilia Padilla, CEPESIU executive director and member of the Board of FOGAL, participated from monday 28 to wednesday 30  of march 2016, in the Strategic Planning Workshop of FOGAL, Latin American  Fund Guarantee, based in Lima-Peru, meeting whose purpose it was reviewing the strategies of the Fund for the next four years.




"We are the reference entity of territorial economic development of Ecuador, especially for depressed areas and the poor sectors”

Is our anniversary because our institution was born on tuesday, december 20/1983, in the beautiful city of Guayaquil.   The institucional trajectory –full of coherence to its principles- delivers positive  results  as well as social impact and fruits of hope.



CEPESIU was in Paris and around the world through a photographic exhibition, held from 4 to 10 december 2015, in Grand Palace in Paris-France, which received hundreds of thousands of visitors, a parallel event COP21, conference organized by the Organization of the United Nations on Climate Change. The photography -taken by Marion Gaborit, french journalist- belongs to Martha Guagcha Sayay, an indigenous quichua-speaking, aged 31, who lives in  La Calancha community, 3,000 meters above sea level, canton Colta, Chimborazo province, who received microcredit by our institution for cultivation of quinoa and breeding pigs.

Microfinance Development Conference

Cecilia Padilla,  CEPESIU executive director, participated on October 15th, in Milan-Italy, at the International Conference organized by the Giordano Dell 'Amore 2015 Foundation annual meeting, which gathers hundreds of institutions in order to stimulate debate on the current state of microfinance development, conceived as a tool for fighting poverty and social exclusion.

Local Economic Development workshop

From the 3rd to August 8th, CEPESIU, through its executive director, Cecilia Padilla and project director, Gustavo Vizcaíno- delivered the second workshop on Local Economic Development in Pahuatlán-Puebla. This meeting was attended officers of the Mexican Association of Credit Unions of BC Social Sector, AMUCCS and Training Center Agroindustrial Jesus Obrero, CCAIJO of Peru where was deepened in the approach to regional economic development, experiences and methodologies .

Second workshop on regionañ econimic development

Cecilia Padilla and Gustavo Vizcaino, CEPESIU officers,  traveled to Pahuatlán-Puebla, Mexico, from 3 to 8 August 2015, to provide the second regional workshop on Territorial Economic Development, TED  which allowed deepen the  methodologies  TED as well as financial services through Popular Investment Societies and Local Investment Enterprises. 

Financial Education workshop

Cecilia Padilla, executive director; Gustavo Vizcaino, project manager, Patricia Ceron, chief operations and Theo Marinez, regional coordinator in Esmeraldas-CEPESIU, participated in Financial Education for Rural Producers workshop, held in Mexico city and Pahuatlán-Puebla, from july 27 to august 2, whose objective was making the  methodological transfer of financial education which will enable pedagogical CEPESIU replicate this model in the country.

Inauguration of ice plant in Esmeraldas

"HIELESM S.A. is the collective effort to achieve a dream that improves the quality of life, participation, organization and empowerment of hundred fishermen in the canton "said Cecilia Padilla, executive director CEPESIU during the inauguration of the enterprise producing frost ice, located in the fishing port of Esmeraldas in Esmeraldas canton. This plant has a value of USD350 thousand dollars, has 41 founding partners, men and women, all fishermen, who expressed deep satisfaction with the realization of this initiative is part of fitting a cool network along the coast Esmeraldas province. (july 23rd).

Economic Development Parishes Plans

On 21, 22 and 23 July, the area of CEPESIU Projects had worked in three parishes of Cayambe canton, in order to get relevant information for the construction of  Economic Development Parishes Plans. Approximately 65 local actors belonging to Olmedo; San José de Ayora and Cangahua parishes, participated  to find coordination between the priority projects in the Development Plan and its territory.

Technical Training to SPI

On june 30, the technicians of the Popular Investment Societies, SPI  -CEPESIU personal, national staff- received an updated theoretical and practical course about SPI-PRO management, a informatic system and portfolio accounting that means an important tool technology to hundreds of users in rural and marginal urban areas who receive through this tool: technical assistance, training in basic computer skills, accounting; technology access which means exercising rights and learning for a responsible financial culture.

Territorial Development Plan´s presentation

In may, CEPESIU has presented to the Municipal Council and the Mayor of Muisne, Eduardo Proaño, the Strategic Development Plan and the Diagnosis of the Economy of this canton document built -collectively with the actors of the economic strategic sectors- receiving approval and recognition for this effort  because it is a tool for the management of mayoral  until 2018.

Regional workshop

Regional Program –Rural Socio Economic  Program    (PRISER)


Monday 6th to sunday 12th of april 2015

Johanne Villegas, Official Programs Training and Integration Socio-Economic AFL, PRISER - responsible regional Project. CLICK HERE

Regional workshop and internship in Ecuador

Johanne Villegas,Training Programme Officer of Acting for Life, AFL-France and Alfredo Meza, Internal Auditor of ECO-RED Montaña-Mexico, related about workshop of the Regional Project of Socio-Economic Integration held in Quito and in Esmeraldas, from 6 to 12 april.

Kniting partnerships: Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and France

From monday 6 to sunday 12 of april,  took place in Quito and Esmeraldas, the startup workshop PRISER-EM, financed by French Development Agency and Acting for Life attended by 22 partners from Mexico, Peru, France and Ecuador. CEPESIU was the hosting in this first regionally internship and offered an introductory workshop about Local Economic Developmen,t visits in territory and specific experiences that marked the beginning of the methodological transfer of our institution to the other project partners.

Associated Assembly 2015

From 11 to 13 of march, was held in Quito, the CEPESIU Assembly of Associates that stands four scores that positively have marked the management 2014: 1) instrumentation a decision to decentralize Credit Program 2) strong support for the continuation and expansion of highly successful projects for Local Economic Development and Productive Development 3) continuity of Consulting Services and 4) management of funding resources.

Territorial Economic Development workshop

Jorge Arroyo, consultant with a great professional experience, worked from  9-10  of march, with  the technical team of CEPESIU Project, to review and make improvements to the Guidelines for the Promotion of Local Economic Development, which allows the institution and,  all entities involved, having an appropriate instrument to guide interventions for territorial economic development and contribute to the decision of making process of decentralization that leads the country.



Training in Popular and Solidarity Economy

From 10 to 13 of november, was held in Quito, a training workshop for directors and managers of Credit Unions destinated to officials of the institution whose contents proposal relates to the fundamentals, regulatory and conceptual framework of national economy and solidarity; roles and functions of managers towards the implementation of best practices in governance; accounting principles and strategic planning.

Workshop on Marketing and Financial Analysis

Provide tools and strategies to analyze financial information, minimize risks, strengthen business plans and promote products and services were the objectives of the workshop "Marketing and Financial Analysis" in charge of Wilson Andrade, CEPESIU´S consultant. This meeting, held in Rio Verde, from 23 to 24 October, was given to 20 representatives of 3 ice production enterprises; 1 fishing inputs  stores that belong to Eloy Alfaro, San Lorenzo and Rio Verde cantons in Esmeraldas province.  

CEPESIU participates in Microfinance Forum

CEPESIU officers participate in the XIV Microfinance Forum organized by the Rural Financial Network, RFR from 10 to 12 September in Salinas-Santa Elena province. They have review about new tools and learning to  strengthen the value proposition of financial services and excellence in serving our customers. 

Focus groups in Muisne-Esmeraldas

In Muisne canton, Esmeraldas province, on thursday 21 and friday 22 August, were performed some focus groups, interviews and gathering information for the preparation of the Socio Economic Diagnostics, whose purpose is to develop, with the local municipality and social actors the Economic Development Plan for this canton.

Cooperation agreement GAD Pedro Moncayo

Cecilia Padilla, executive director CEPESIU and Frank Gualsaqui, municipal Mayor of Pedro Moncayo canton, signed on august 29/2014, an inter institutional cooperation agreement to strengthen processes and actions to promote local economic development and productive development in territories.

General Assembly Etimos- Ecuador 2014

On may 30/ 2014, will be held in Quito, the General Assembly Etimos Consortium-Ecuador Partners. The videoconferencing methodology,  with simultaneous interpretation,  will link partners from different continents Asia, Europe and Latin America; countries as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka and Italy for making strategic choices, consolidation of the results, regional development plans that enable projects to continue betting on social enterprise with a human face.



CEPESIU: 30 years for the construction of collective dreams

On December 19th-2013, the Centre for Employment and Local Economic Development, CEPESIU met thirty years of work, a path forged from hopes and built with thousands of faces.

The Encounter of Peoples and Borders 2010

In San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico from 13 to 15 October, The Encounter of Peoples and Borders 2010 - Cross-border cooperation in Latin America was held: reflections from the local development." The executive director and legal representative of CEPESIU, Cecilia Padilla, was a speaker at this important conclave.



Fourth Training Workshop to Popular Investment Societies, SPI

On Tuesday November 23 in Santa Lucia Canton, Province of Guayas, was held the "Fourth Training Workshop to Popular Investment Societies, SPI," whose objective was to work on operational documents and the preparation of financial statements.

Training of financial statements

In Santa Lucia Canton, Province of Guayas, was held on Tuesday, November 23, the workshop "Training of financial statements" directed to technical of Popular Investment Societies SPI, activity under the agreement with BID-Rural Business Development in the rice cantons of Guayas, and within the Social Entrepreneurship Program.

Mechanisms for monitoring and deepening rural and social responsibility

In the city of Quito, from 17 to 19 November, took place on the X Ecuadorian Microfinance Forum: "Mechanisms for monitoring and deepening rural and social responsibility", organized by Red Financiera Rural RFR. It was attended by the Executive Director, Cecilia Padilla and Victor Hugo Alban, national credit chief of CEPESIU.

Workshop Analysis of Ecuador and Latin America

On Wednesday, November 17, in the city of Quito, was held on "Workshop Analysis of Ecuador and Latin America" organized by Microfinance Information Exchange-MIX. Victor Hugo Alban participated, the national credit chief of Cepesiu.

Encounter of Etimos Foundation

In Padua, Italy, from 3 to 6 November, the encounter of ETIMOS FOUNDATION. Cecilia Padilla, director of CEPESIU is a member of the Board of Directors and participated as a delegate from Latin America.

Meeting People´s Investment Company-SPI

On Wednesday, October 27, in the city of Riobamba, province of Chimborazo, was held on the "Meeting People's Investment Company-SPI" whose objective was to share experiences with organizations interested in forming new SPI in the province. SPI presented their learning: San Francisco-Colta Cicalpito; General Rumiñahui-Guamote; Corazón de Jesus y 26 de Diciembre- Riobamba.

Training Sub-sectoral analysis of the economy

On Wednesday, October 27, in the city of Guayaquil, was held the workshop on "Training Sub-sectoral analysis of the economy" aimed at municipal technicians and members of management committee for Local Economic Development Plan, according to the agreement signed with BID-Rural Business Development in the rice Cantons of Guayas, Social Entrepreneurship Program.

Coalition for Municipal Technicians

On Friday September 24 in the city of Guayaquil, the workshop on "Coalition for Municipal Technicians" was held according to the agreement signed with the BID Rural Business Development in the rice Cantons of Guayas, Social Entrepreneurship Program.

Training for the distribution of profits to technical Popular Investment Companies, SPI

On Thursday, September 23, in the city of Guayaquil, was held the workshop on "Training for the distribution of profits to technical Popular Investment Companies, SPI," according to the agreement of the BID-Rural Business Development in the rice cantons of Guayas. Social Entrepreneurship Program.

Technical Training Course SAAC (Guayaquil)

In the city of Guayaquil, on 16 and 17 September the second module, "Technical Training Course SAAC," was held according to the agreement with the Self-administered systems of Credit Unions, SAAC and the National Popular Finance, PNFP.

Technical Training Course SAAC (Riobamba)

13 and September 14 in the city of Riobamba, the second module of the "Technical Training Course SAAC" was held as scheduled in the agreement with the self-administered system of Credit Unions, SAAC and the National Popular Finance, PNFP.

Formulation of the Integral Development Plan for the Economy of the Canton Pallatanga

In the city of Riobamba, the 8th, 9th and September 10th the workshop was developed for the "Formulation of the Integral Development Plan for the Economy of the Canton Pallatanga." This event is part of the agreements established in the Convention ICCO Project Local Economic Development in six cantons in the province of Chimborazo in the central highlands Ecuador.

Reflection, diagnosis and prospecting operations to strengthen access to markets CEPESIU projects

25 and 26 August, in Quito, the workshop "Reflection, diagnosis and prospecting operations to strengthen access to markets CEPESIU projects" was held. The meeting by Fernando Zelada, Peruvian counsel, had as participants to the project coordinators ICCO, IDB and municipal technicians.

Ecuador Economics´ Perspectives in 2012 and its impact on the microfinance sector

Victor Hugo Albán, CEPESIU's national credit manager, participated Thursday 9th February in the discussion forum called "Ecuador Economics' Perspectives in 2012 and its impact on the microfinance sector" organized by the Rural Financial Network. The purpose of this meeting was to present the analysis of major financial prospects in the country, but also to present the recommendations and ways to promote, prevent and control, to be taken by microfinance institutions.

Calculation and distribution of profits

A workshop took place on Thursday 26th January in Rio Verde, province of Esmeraldas. The subject was "Calculation and distribution of profits" and it was intended for 35 technicians and managers of the Popular Investment Societies of this province. It was an opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and expertise on this subject.

Workshop for Organic Law of Popular and Solidarity Economy

A workshop took place on Friday 13th January 2012 in Santo Domingo de los Tsàchillas. The subject of analysis was a new law called the Organic Law of Popular and Solidarity Economy. The workshop was organized by the Corporate Investment Consortium Santo Domingo in coordination with CEPESIU.

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