PRODUFRÍO: bets on the common welfare

Euspeci Valencia, coordinator in PRODUFRÍO S.A. an ice enterprise in Rioverde Esmeraldas, visited CEPESIU looking for technical advice in order to make some procedures with Superintendency of Banks. This enterprise, owned by artisanal fishermen- performs the process for entry and registration of 120 new partners.

PRODUFRIO is an enterprise, which started in 2014, and has many outstanding results because it features an organized and responsible management directive; a proper  company operation, it maintains stable sales and generates, at thIS time, small utilities. 

Concertation platforms: tool of local empowerment

"No other institution, just CEPESIU, has given us  these tools allowing to settle the territorial  planning. All GAD should feel happy using this tool. "

Lorena Valdez, president of the rural parish council of Timbire-EloyAlfaro/Esmeraldas

Concertation platform-Eloy Alfaro-Esmeraldas

Strategic Plan for Economic Development of Esmeraldas canton

On Wednesday, may 11, in the municipality of Esmeraldas, in  the Community Development department, was held the presentation and socialization of the Strategic Plan for Integral Economic Development of Esmeraldas  2015-2021.

This publication, in charge of CEPESIU,  constitutes a reference document  that describes  the main lines that GADM Esmeraldas and local economic actors has  defined as priorities for the canton. Click here 

Business management training

Regional coordinators, CEPESIU´s local technicians and guests from various local municipalities and associative enterprises participated in the validation workshop "Training of trainers for capacity building in business management" given by Jorge Arroyo (Peru), who has experience and solvency in this theme. This training program will be replicated to farmers and microentrepreneurs in Esmeraldas and Atacames.

Training workshop in business management

In Quito, from tuesday 3 to friday 6th of May,  takes place a workshop “Training of Trainers Program for Business Management" where participates  CEPESIU´s  regional coordinators and Project´s technicians; GAD technicians Esmeraldas, Atacames, Archidona and a member of the Agricultural Center of Palestina canton. The workshop´s objective is to validate this program because  will be replicated with farmers and microentrepreneurs.


"I thank each of the employees and members of CEPESIU for this  great contribution that benefits us to feed our families during these  difficult moments”

Ana Bazurto
SPI Banco de Desarrollo Rios Muisne y Canuto
La Colorada precint, San Gregorio parish,  cantón Muisne canton, Esmeraldas province

CEPESIU deliveries food kits in rural parishes affected by the earthquake

Enclosures as Boca de Canuto, Guadurnal, Balsalito, Las Delicias, La Magdalena, Matamba, La Colorada, rural parishes of San Gregorio, Chamanga and San Francisco,  in Esmeraldas  province, received support from CEPESIU through a hundred of  food kits.

This support, with CEPESIU own  funds, was delivered, on monday 25 and tuesday 26 April,  to its partners, men and women, of the Popular Investment Societies, SPI and Business Local Investment, EIL, whose productive activities  are agriculture, livestock,  artisanal fishing, trade. The kit contains food: rice, sugar, tuna, sardines, oil, noodles, salt, lentils, powdered milk, soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush.

Delivery of food kits

CEPESIU prepared emerging food kits that are delivered in rural parishes as San Gregorio and Chamanga, aid directed at farmers, artisanal fisherman, farmers, men and women, who have their corn, melon, tomato, cucumber and pepper  crops and that, over the years, they have created  ties  and work with CEPESIU work and hope.

Gathering information and help with rural parishes in Muisne

CEPESIU made raising information "in situ" in  San Gregorio and Chamanga, rural parishes  in Muisne canton, Esmeraldas province, and  inventory which served to know the earthquake damages in personal life, housing, productive infrastructure of  our CEPESIU´s partners in order to promote emerging measures to support these territorial spaces.

Articulation public-private efforts to Atacames

Called by the Department of Community Development of the Autonomous Government Decentralized Municipal Atacames, on wednesday, april 13th/ 2016 was held a  work meeting with representatives of productive sectors, parishes  governments and organizations of civil society in order  to agree  -immediate actions- oriented to form and implement, in the shortest possible time, a platform for public-private coordination to promote and coordinate the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Integral Development of the Economy of Atacames, elaborated in late 2014 with the participation of 95 local actors and approved by the Municipal Council in september 2015.


CEPESIU, through its  Esmeraldas technical team, participated in this meeting as technical support to provide guidance for the establishment of this platform, essential to start realizing the Strategic Plan.

SOS FAIM outlines strategic actions in Ecuador

Laurent Biot, Responsible  of Service Support Partners SOS FAIM-Belgium, visited Ecuador and held a working meeting,  on wednesday 6 and thursday 7 april / 2016, in CEPESIU offices in Quito, with Project´s  technical team to delineate the actions of work between the two institutions.

ICE Enterprises in Esmeraldas: property of artisanal fishermen

More than a hundred of artisanal fishermen -men and women- partners from 6 entreprises producing ice.  1) ELAFICE S.A. in Muisne 2) SUAFROST in Atacames   3)  UCOFROST S.A. in  San Lorenzo  4)PRODUFRIO S.A. in Rioverde   5) HIELESM.SA in Esmeraldas  6. NORTPACIFIC SA in Eloy Alfaro,  received Certificates representing their shares, book Shares and shareholders as well as  checkbooks, legal documents, confirming its status as owners in these companies and betting on collective forms partnership for the common welfare.

SOS FAIM consultancy in Ecuador

Oscar Bazoberry, bolivian sociologist, coordinator of the Instituto para el Desarrollo Rural de Sudamérica, IPDRS, held  a meeting with Cecilia Padilla, CEPESIU executive director CEPESIU to know the institutional path and –essentially- the approach of Territorial Economic Development DET, strategy, methodology, intervention and management processes in the territorial economies.  Bazoberry carried out an evaluation of the projects  that SOS FAIM carried out in Ecuador.

Strategic Planning Workshop CEPESIU 2016-2018

Socialize, understand and embrace the objectives of a working projection expressed in the Strategic Agenda 2016-2018, share the institutional vision on development, work with CEPESIU technical and operational teams, having conceptual and methodological tools were some of the objectives set for the workshop, from tuesday to friday  from 1 to 4 march, in  Río Verde-Baños in charge  Jorge Arroyo, facilitator in this process of significant learning.

Belgian Development Agency visit our projects

Hilde Herssens and Concepcion Muñoz, Belgian Agency for Development officials (DGD) visited Ecuador and CEPESIU to know "in situ" results of the project "Promotion of Local Economic Development and Productive Development in four provinces of Ecuador", specifically in Napo. On Tuesday, february 23rd, they traveled to CEPESIU office in Archidona-Napo to share a working meeting with the Monitoring Committee for Economic Development Plan of Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola canton.

ASDEL: Training workshop

Cecilia Padilla, CEPESIU´s executive director, facilitated the Workshop Methodology  Review ASDEL-Analysis Subsectorial Local Economic Development, held in february 10,11and 12/2016, where she  had worked with the regional teams of Esmeraldas, Chimborazo, Napo, Pichincha and Guayas, who  from its territorial reality worked in the construction of this planning tool that allowed them build sectorial sub-maps, analyze identified production chains, inputs that were a significant learning for her  technical groups.

SPI training in Pedro Moncayo and Cayambe

Jose Luis Fernandez, regional coordinator CEPESIU-Chimborazo, offered two training workshops for technicians of Popular Investment Societies, SPI  belonging to some parishes in Pedro Moncayo (26 and 27 October) and Cayambe cantons (28 and Thursday 29 October).

Training in UVECOOP

On friday, october 23, in Quito, was held a training workshop addressed for  UVECOOP officials, charge of Eliana Mera, general manager. Was attended this meeting by Margarita Dorado (Guayas); Sonia Jiron (Chimborazo); Ivan Heredia, Cristina Rodriguez and Diego Espinoza (Pichincha) who shared the progress, results of the cooperative, and –essentially- the challenges of new initiatives to promoted the growth of the assets of the institution.

Parish Economic Development Plans

On tuesday 20 and wednesday 21 october, CEPESIU and his technical team worked, in three planning parishes workshops in Noboa, Bellavista and Sixto Duran Ballen in Manabi province, activities to obtain essential information in order to construct -with local actors- Territorial Development Plans, management tool  that builds public policy with citizens

2015: biannual evaluation and planning

CEPESIU Project Area held on tuesday,  june 30, an evaluation workshop from the first six months and planning the second half of this year, meeting being shared with its national team in order to share the progress of projects, achieving goals,  definition and scope of operational strategies through review of methodological processes and tools as well as the demanding work schedule until december 2015.

Workshop about Territorial Economic Development

Jorge Arroyo, international consultant, provided several training workshops about territorial economic development addressed at municipal and parishes technicians as well as social organizations: monday 21 and tuesday 22 september held in Rocafuerte, Eloy Alfaro canton-Esmeraldas province;  / thursday 24 and friday 25: Cayambe canton, Pichincha province / monday 28 and tuesday 29: Carlos Julio Arosemena canton-Napo  province / wednesday 30 and thursday October 1st: Riobamba canton, Chimborazo province.

Strategic Planning Workshop CEPESIU

On friday 25th and saturday 26th september, was held in Quito, CEPESIU Strategic Planning Workshop which allowed key inputs to build, in a collective form- an agenda that defines the organization's work over the medium term: 2015 2018. This strategic agenda, list for november , will guide the institution's work, will trace center lines and objectives for the implementation of interventions and instruments to have a the appropriate operational planning and corresponding monitoring and control.

Global Partnerships visits Ecuador

Sixta Garcia, Global Partherhishp´s portfolio  director (GP) who manages the relationships with  partners from Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic, visited Ecuador, from  june 15th to 19th, to realize a due diligence,  in order to meet " in territory” our focus of expertise and several cantons of Esmeraldas province to meet credit users as artisanal fishermen; and entrepreneurial women who have knowledge of the system and managing the methodology of the Popular Investment Societies, SPI.

SOS FAIM –belgian ngo- in Ecuador

Laurent Biot, Responsible of Service Support Partners SOS Faim-Belgium,m  visited Ecuador, the third week of june, to hold meetings with several municipalities in Guayas and  Cayambe because of the Local Economic Development project, a component that supports the belgian NGO. Biot said that CEPESIU is a strategic partner who has good technical skills to carry out its projects.

Muisne Diagnostics Local Economy

Gustavo Vizcaino, Project Manager, made the results presentation of the Strategic Plan for Economic Development of the canton Muisne, a document that had received the approval and recognition of the Municipal Council as well as the Mayor, Eduardo Proaño. This plan is an important tool for management the decentralization process.

Meeting with ABC Microfinance in France

On tuesday, june 9, CEPESIU executive director, Cecilia Padilla, held a meeting with officials of ABC Microfinance,in Paris-France, institution that manages the platform Babyloan, a website where European citizens sponsored microcredit for small economic units in 16 countries. Ecuador reaffirms agreements and strengthens the relationship with this fraternal partner. 

Glen Geco European Project

CEPESIU staff members,  met on monday, june 1st, with Magali Loupias, head of the Latin America Network in agricultural education for the Office of European Affairs and International Cooperation. Ministry of Agriculture, of the Agribusiness and Forest-France, with the objective of sharing information on the European project called Geco Glen, an annual program of internships of three months, which enables young European students participate in the program exchange of experiences and knowledge.

SPI ”between stubbornness and hope”

Listen the testimonies, the voices and experiences of learning communities in a responsible financial culture.

Support for migrant´s projects

ETIMOS-Italy works with CEPESIU-Ecuador through the project "Return Migration and Sustainable Reintegration of  Workers in Vulnerable situation", an initiative of several non-governmental international organizations, which supports the return of migrants to their country. In april and may, our institution provided technical assistance to three fellow citiziens: José Garzon, Elena Vasconez  and Juan Carlos Guaman, who returned, in early 2015,  to Ecuador in order to have clear projects and purposes to start their ventures.

Social impact on rural communities

Ricardo Visbal, vice president; Sixta Garcia, portfolio director and Gerardo Talavera, director portfolio of Global Partnership, USA,  had traveled -on thursday, march 12- with CEPESIU officials to Chimborazo province, in order to know in territory, some experiences and methodologies as well as the social and economic impact of the Popular Investment Societies, SPI and Local Investment Companies, EIL. 

CEPESIU establishes new alliances

On wednesday, march 11, a delegation of Global Partnership (GP), a US nonprofit organization, visited Ecuador and held a working meeting with Cecilia Padilla, executive director of CEPESIU, because of the interest in leading organizations like CEPESIU with important work, especially in rural areas.

Photo reconnaissance recognition

CEPESIU took part in a photo competition, organized by the Rural Financial Network, RFR, with all 47 partners nationwide, and deserved recognition, through Joffre San Lucas, 46 years old, Daule canton, who has received a microcredit for the purchase of tools for his wood workshop. This achievement was reflected in th  Calendar Planning 2015.



Local Economy Diagnostics

CEPESIU is engaged in developing Local Economy Diagnostics in eight cantons. Some technicians belonging to Project Area mobilize for the territories to investigate, interview, analyze, participate in meetings with different local actors to develop with integrally vision, a planning tool that serves to build each one of the Plans of Local Economic Development.

Assembly Associates, second semester 2014

The Assembly Associates, held on friday 5th and Saturday 6th of september, in Quito, Ecuador, had evaluated the progress and results of the institutional management: strategic projects, financial situation, organizational structure. The Assembly made some recommendations in order to consolidated priorities towards meeting the objectives and planning CEPESIU 2014.

CEPESIU technical assistance

The ice enterprises called Ice North Pacific Inc. in Limones, Eloy Alfaro canton and Ucorfrost S.A. in San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo canton, whose ownership and governance lies in artisanal fishermen in this area are at the service of the population. CEPESIU provides technical assistance and support in these processes of community strengthening.

Video of Popular Investment Companies, SPI

CEPESIU has a new communication product, a video of 15 minutes duration, which refers to the work lead by the Popular Investment Societies in Napo, Guayas, Chimborazo and Pichincha provinces.  SPI are a strategy of self-managed saving systems, local credit and capitalization for lower income population, experiences that speak of significant social, economic and human impacts.

Microcredit for artisanal fishermen

CEPESIU  has consolidated its presence in different cantons in Esmeraldas province, through the provision of microcredit to dozens of artisanal fishermen and coconut farmers who received credit for several thousand dollars for their productive activities.

Fishing Supplies Enterprises

CEPESIU holds meetings with the boards of some fishery enterprises in the northern and southern zones in Muisne and Rio Verde, respectively, in order to know and strengthen the achievement of project objectives framed in the Northern Regional Development and Belgian Cooperation in Esmeraldas province.

Challenges of popular and solidary economy for 2014

We share an article  published in MICRO FINANCES, a  magazine of Ecuadorian Popular Finance Network, issued on May 2014, where we can share an analysis performed by  Cecilia Padilla, executive director of CEPESIU about  CHALLENGES OF POPULAR AND SOLIDARY ECONOMY FOR 2014, there relates the opportunities and efforts towards new policy context for microfinance in Ecuador.

Download just in spanish



Territorial economic development workshop

From april 30 to 2 may 2/14 was held in Quito a strategic workshop to review the conceptual framework, methodologies and operability "Promotion of Local Economic Development and Promotion of productivity in four provinces of Ecuador."  This opportunity  for reflection was attended by the coordinators of the regional offices of Guayas, Pichincha, Chimborazo and Napo. Jorge Arroyo and Federico Morales, experts in this subject, were the facilitators in this workshop.

CEPESIU associate assembly 2014

On thursday 13th and friday 14th of  february 2014, CEPESIU Board of Associates, whose members came from Peru and Bolivia, held a working meeting.

This encounter allowed  to evaluate the institution´s  situation and the results facing strategic decisions adopted,  financial reporting and results management;  operational plans were revised as same as work  projections in order to consolidate CEPESIU whose strategic objectives are Finance for Development and Territorial  Development and Local Economies.




Presentation of a new fertilization technique

On Wednesday 19 November, in Santa Lucia canton, Guayas province, was a presentation of a new fertilization technique for the cultivation of rice called "Urea briquettes" by the technical team of the Research Center's Rural ESPOL to members of the precincts in Los Angeles and Santa Clara.

CEPESIU met in Paris France with ABC executives

On Tuesday, November 9, Cecilia Padilla, Executive Director of CEPESIU, met in Paris France with ABC executives, managers microfinance community and educational platform (, the first French site for microcredit solidarity, to realize new fundraising strategies and strengthen a working relationship through online cooperation for development.

CEPESIU held a working meeting with representatives of ADA-Self Development Support

On Monday, November 8, the Executive Director of CEPESIU, Cecilia Padilla, held a working meeting with representatives of ADA-Self Development Support, development NGOs, whose headquarters are in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. The purpose of this meeting was to present projects for fundraising.

Two advisories to the popular Investment societies, SPI

On Monday 25 and Tuesday October 26, in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, two advisories to the popular Investment societies, SPI were done: a) Union Toachi b) San Jacinto Community Bank. The SPI are independent, enterprise type- local and popular character that provide financial services, investment, credit and savings services to their members and other persons not members of the communities where they operate.

Sustainable Social-economic Diagnosis in The Cube Lake

CEPESIU with the economic contribution of SOS FAIM-Belgium; the Ministry of Environment and El Caimán Foundation, works on the development of a  Sustainable Social-economic Diagnosis in The Cube Lake located in Mache Chindul Ecological Reserve, Quinindé canton, Esmeraldas province. This study will provide essential information to work -with all the main actors of this jurisdiction- in the Plan of Sustainable Local Economic Development.  The Cube Lake, is a Ramsar Site, refers to a wetland of significant importance due to its biological richness whose conservation efforts are guaranteed and signed through international conventions and intergovernmental cooperation.

Basic knowledge on the registration and control system of the SPI’s

Friday 30th of March, a workshop organized by CEPESIU for leaders of the Popular Investments Societies (SPI) of the Chimborazo province took place in the city of Riobamba. The first phase of this workshop was called “Basic knowledge on the registration and control system of the SPI’s” and was handled by José Luis Fernandez, CEPESIU’s agent in charge of the Chimborazo and Bolivar province. There were 21 participants, 7 men and 14 women counting for a total of nine SPI and of the Chunchi consortium.

Consortium Conspikte in Tena

CEPESIU visited on Saturday March 10, 2012 the consortium Conspikte (comprised of nine Popular Investment Societies) in the city of Tena. CEPESIU made a $ 5000 investment in the consortium that now has assets of around $ 14,100. The purpose of this visit was to provide consulting, and reinforce the accounting area, as well as developing a responsible financial culture.

Assistance to the SPI “Union and Progress”

CEPESIU offered 8 and 9 March, technical assistance to the SPI “Union and Progress” (created October 2011), from the canton Arosemena Tola, Napo province. Several CEPESIU officials were present in order to give the best possible training in accounting, profit calculations, and day-to-day record that allows them to streamline their work.



Business meeting with the SPI “Palestina”

On Tuesday 27 September 2011, a business meeting was organized with the SPI “Palestina” in the Palestina community, Esmeraldas province.  The 19 members of this SPI -11 women and 8 men- are mainly working in trade, transportation via three-wheel motorbikes, and food sale. They are happy with the consolidation and the good results that the SPI shows to its partners. 

CEPESIU’s workers visited the Guapilar community

On Tuesday 27 September 2011, CEPESIU’s workers visited the Guapilar community, Eloy Alfaro canton, Esmeraldas province. The purpose of this visit was to present the SPI (Popular Investment Societies) model to the population (mostly farmers) of this province. The SPI model would help them improve their farming conditions, buy seed, get new materials, and develop their cocoa production.

Working lunch in the auditorium of the Illustrious Municipality of Duale

On Wednesday, September 22 was held a working lunch in the auditorium of the Illustrious Municipality of Duale, with the participation of the mayors of the cantons in Guayas: Duale, Santa Lucia, Palestina, Nobol, Lomas de Sargentillo and some 40 councilors of these municipalities. This meeting was attended by former mayors of Colta and Guano, Dr. Pedro Curichumbi and Lcdo. Oswaldo Estrada, respectively, who, spoke about the experiences in the economic development of their cantons.

CEPESIU approved the creation of a new SPI “Lucha del Pobre”

CEPESIU approved the creation of a new SPI “Lucha del Pobre” constituted by nine farmers, producing cocoa, from the Guapilar community, Esmeraldas province. They want to continue developing their SPI in order to improve the management of family finances. In fact, with easy access to liquidity and capital, they will improve their farming and cultivation conditions, as well as their knowledge concerning organizational, administrative and financial matters.

CEPESIU visited the SPI ”Los Corales”

CEPESIU visited the SPI "Los Corales" in Palestina, province of Esmeraldas, which is constituted of 29 members: 18 men and 11 women, all microentrepreneurs whose main activity is artisanal fishing. This SPI was created in June 2011 and offered to its members, access to financial services such as investment or credit. These entrepreneurs requested the technical assistance of our institution for the establishment and operation of a fishing supply store.

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